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What Type of Tires Should You Get For Off Road?

This is a beginner’s guide to off road tires. For your jeep can look with a new aggressive tire there’s a drastic difference to what type of tire are you going to use. There is a big difference if you are using a new tire. And all of that difference is on the same vehicle, same lift, same wheels, et cetera. The tires make a huge difference on what you pick. There are different tires for different applications.

The following are the list of tires that you can consider for off road purposes but choosing the right one depends on several factors. Here are the different types of tires for off road use and their strengths for different terrains.

Slicks. Obviously, the slicks are great for street racing. For high horse power track vehicles these are good. You can use them off road but it is strongly advised not to try it in some ways and depending on the type of your vehicle.
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Road. This type of tire is usually used for trucks and cars working for factories. These tires are great for street driving. You can use them best when it is raining. You can use them in most terrains except snow type terrains.
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All Terrain. They are great for all around use and other driving purposes. Even if you are using it under the rain it is great for driving. Driving on the street using this type of tire is a great idea. These tires are good for snow driving too. It is good for light off road use. They are good to use in the sand as well. They are used a lot in all terrain racing like desert racing but not much on the mud. If you have a lowered jeep and is planning to drive on the rocks this type of tire might be the tire of choice.

Mud Terrain. Racing of all terrain type this tire is great for that. Using them for medium off road driving these are great. In the mud and on the rocks these tires are great too. These types of tires are good on the street and on the snow because but you can hear a lot of noise when you use them on these terrains. It is advisable not to use it for driving during the rain and on the sand.

Extreme Terrain. If you are planning to use your vehicle for some heavy duty off road driving then this type of tire is the best choice. They are great in the mud. They are probably the best all terrain type of tire but it is advised not to use them much on the snow and on the sand.

Specialty Tires. For soft dirt and sand racing these types of tires are great to use. They can be used for sand off road racing alone.

Consider the model of your jeep, the size of your tires, and the size of your lift when choosing the best off road tire.

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