Learn why masturbation is addictive and destructive

n3masturbation is addictive and destructive. If practiced infrequently and moderately, it is healthy and natural. It is only when it becomes an uncontrollable impulse that the trouble starts. If you have reached the point at which your only source of sexual relief is viewing and masturbating to pornography, then you should seek help.

One of the biggest hurdles to overcoming this particular addiction is the awkwardness and embarrassment attached to it. Drugs and alcohol are more acceptable, if there is such a thing, forms of addiction. They are well-known and widely discussed. Masturbation addiction is more in the shadows. It is can be just as destructive as other kinds of addictions, but those suffering from it are far less willing to talk about it.

Masturbation and porn addiction tend to occur concurrently. Pornography is an easy and quick way to get sexual release. It is for this reason that the one usually leads to the other. Both women and men suffer from this disease and can be helped.

There are many signs that indicate whether or not you have become addicted pornography and to what degree. The most difficult thing to do for anyone suffering from porn addiction is to acknowledge the problem.

Like most other addictions, the most well-known being drugs and alcohol, masturbation addicts tend to believe they are in firm control of themselves, and that they can stop anytime they wish. But the fact is that like other forms of dependency, porn addiction is rooted in physiology: your body becomes physically dependent on the stimulation created by the practice. In the case of pornography, you actually develop a relationship, a kind of physical intimacy, with the images on the screen. That is why persons suffering from this addiction tend to require greater help in beating it.

Getting the advice, counseling, and support you need to free yourself from porn addiction means finding and selecting the right professional. Only a mental health expert who has the competence, experience, and training to deal with this addiction can deliver the solutions you need to overcome it.

Dealing with masturbation addiction is a difficult thing to do; however, it can be done if you have the right help. It is hard to open up to someone after indulging in secrecy and lies for so long. But you will probably be more willing to work through your problem with someone who lends a caring, attentive, sympathetic ear—someone who is able to help you resolve the underlying problems that have led to your addiction.

Fortunately, it is not hard to find counselors and psychologists who can help you with your addiction. The worldwide web is a wonderful resource to find a professional psychologist that can provide you the assistance you need. Through the web you will be able to get a better sense of the symptoms of your addiction as well as its severity. The web also provides a path for discovering the various options in dealing with porn addiction. It can be a great first step in restoring your mental and sexual health.

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